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"Twilight Zone - Science and Superstition (Series 4)"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Ritterhouse Archives 2005 $8.00 Yes
Type of Card Number in Set Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (8 per pack) 217 - 288 $0.15 All
Twilight Zone Checklist   (1:20) Z4 $6.00 Yes
The Quotable Twilight Zone   (1:7) Q1 - Q18 $1.00 Some
Twilight Zone Stars   (1:14) S28 - S36 $2.00 Some
Autographs ---   (1:10) (see list below)    
 --- Barry Morse Autograph A-66   No
 --- Ron Howard Autograph A-67   No
 --- Joanne Linville Autograph A-68   No
 --- Collin Wilcox Autograph A-69   No
 --- Don Durant Autograph A-70   No
 --- Wright King Autograph A-71   No
 --- Mickey Rooney Autograph A-72   No
 --- Sydney Pollack Autograph A-73   No
 --- Alan Sues Autograph A-74   No
 --- Lois Nettleton Autograph A-75   No
 --- Jason Wintergreen Autograph A-76   No
 --- Jason Wintergreen (bard) Autograph A-76   No
 --- Veronica Cartwright Autograph A-77   No
 --- Dana Dillaway Autograph A-78   No
 --- Judy Strangis Autograph A-79   No
 --- Russell Johnson Autograph A-80   No
 --- John Lasell Autograph A-81   No
 --- Orson Bean Autograph A-82   No
 --- William Schallert Autograph A-83   No
 --- Ron Masak Autograph A-84   No
 --- Patricia Barry Autograph A-85   No
 --- Susan Gordon Autograph A-86   No
 --- Natalie Trundy Autograph A-87   No
 --- Nancy Malone Autograph A-88   No
 --- Bill Erwin Autograph A-89   No
 --- Arte Johnson Autograph A-90   No
 --- Ben Cooper Autograph A-91   No
 --- Jeanne Cooper Autograph A-92   No
 --- Warren Stevens Autograph A-93   No
 --- Kevin Hagen Autograph A-94   No
 --- James Doohan Autograph A-95   No
 --- Anne Francis Autograph A-96   No
 --- Edson Strool Binder Autograph A-97   No
Twilight Zone Hall of Fame   (1:100) H5 - H12   No
"Cut Signature" Relic   (1:100,000) A-51   No
SketchaFEX Case Topper   $35.00 No
2-Case Incentive SketchaFEX   $50.00 No
6i-Case Incentive Autograph A-15 $250.00 No
Archive Box     No
Archive Box (no markings on box)     No
Card Album     No
Promo (conventions) CP1 $7.00 No
Promo P1 $2.00 No
Promo (internet exclusive) P2 $2.00 No
Promo (card album) P3 $5.00 No
Wrapper   $0.25 Yes

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Updated 06/09/2018