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"The Complete Twilight Zone (50th Anniversary)"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Ritterhouse Archives 2009 $10.00 Yes
Type of Card Number in Set Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (5 per pack) 1 - 79 $0.15 All
A Life of Its Own   (1:12) Z1 - Z9 $3.00 None
Twilight Zone Portraits   (1:12) Por1 - Por9 $3.00 Some
Twilight Zone In Motion Lenticular   (1:8) L1 - L18 $2.00 None
Autographs---   (1:6) (see list below)    
--- Morgan Brittany/Suzanne Cupito Autograph A-98   No
--- Mariette Hartley Autograph A-99   No
--- Tom Reese Autograph A-100   No
--- Jack Grinnage Autograph A-101   No
--- Michael Forest Autograph A-102   No
--- Brooke Hayward Autograph A-103   No
--- William Sargent Autograph A-104   No
--- June Foray Autograph A-105   No
--- Dee Hartford Autograph A-106   No
--- Patrick Macnee Autograph A-107   No
--- Bonnie Beecher Autograph A-108   No
--- Richard Erdman Autograph A-109   No
--- Read Morgan Autograph A-110   No
--- Cliff Osmond Autograph A-111   No
--- Larrian Gillespie Autograph A-112   No
--- Sarah Marshall Autograph A-113   No
--- Phyllis Love Autograph A-114   No
---Terry Becker Autograph A-115   No
--- Mary Badham Autograph A-116   No
--- Jean Marsh Autograph A-117   No
--- Doris Singleton Autograph A-118   No
--- Arlene Martel/Arline Sax Autograph A-119   No
--- Earl Holliman Autograph A-120   No
--- Barbara Perry Autograph A-121   No
--- David Macklin Autograph A-122   No
--- Linden Chiles Autograph A-123   No
--- Susan Harrison Autograph A-124   No
--- Paul Comi  Autograph A-125   No
--- Tom Lowell Autograph A-127   No
--- Tim Strafford Autograph A-128   No
--- Tim O'Connor Autograph A-129   No
--- Jack Ging Autograph A-130   No
--- Doug Heyes Autograph A-131   No
--- Robert Sampson Autograph A-132   No
--- Lea Waggner Autograph A-133   No
--- Randy Boone Autograph A-134   No
--- Cliff Robertson Autograph A-135   No
--- Louie Elias Autograph A-137   No
--- Anthony Call Autograph A-138   No
--- Chuck Hicks Autograph A-139   No
--- Mary Gregory Autograph A-140   No
--- John Astin Autograph A-141   No
--- Camille Franklin Autograph A-142   No
--- Margarita Cordova Autograph A-143 $20.00 Yes
--- Charles Herbert Autograph A-144   No
--- Denise Alexander Autograph A-145   No
--- Noah Keen Autograph A-146   No
--- Edson Stroll Autograph A-147   No
--- Joyce Van Patten Autograph A-148   No
Case Topper Autograph A-126   No
3-Case Purchase Incentive Autograph A-136   No
8-Case Purchase Incentive Autograph A-149   No
12-Case Purchase Incentive Archive Box     No
Card Album     No
Promo   (Non-Sport Update) P1 $2.00 No
Promo P2 $2.00 No
Promo   (album exclusive) P3 $8.00 No
Wrapper   $0.25 Yes

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Updated 08/04/2018