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"Twilight Zone - Shadows and Substance (Series 3)"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Ritterhouse Archives 2002 $10.00 Yes
Type of Card Number in Set Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (8 per pack) 145 - 216 $0.15 All
Checklist   (1:20) Z-3 $6.00 Yes
Twilight Zone Stars   (1:5) S19 - S27 $2.00 Most
Autographs ---   (1:10) A-39 - A-65   None
 --- Dean Stockwell  Autograph A-39   None
 --- Patricia Breslin Autograph A-40   None
 --- Hazel Court Autograph A-41   None
 --- Jonathan Winters Autograph A-42   None
 --- Jack Klugman Autograph A-43   None
 --- Leonard Nimoy Autograph A-44   None
 --- Russell Johnson Autograph A-45   None
 --- Nan Martin Autograph A-46   None
 --- Philip Pine Autograph A-47   None
 --- Michael Constantine Autograph A-48   None
 ---Bill Mumy Autograph A-49   None
 --- Julie Newmar Autograph A-50   None
 --- Wright King Autograph A-51   None
 --- George Takei Autograph A-51   None
 --- George Murdock Autograph A-52   None
 --- H. M. Wynant Autograph A-52   None
 --- Bill Reynolds Autograph A-55   None
 --- Steve Forrest Autograph A-55   None
 --- Paul Comi Autograph A-56   None
 --- Jonathan Harris Autograph A-56   None
 --- Arlene Martel Autograph A-57   None
 --- Fredd Wayne Autograph A-58   None
 --- Jacqueline Scott Autograph A-61   None
 --- Gloria Pall Autograph A-62   None
 --- Asa Maynor Autograph A-63   None
 --- Frank Aletter Autograph A-64   None
 --- George Lindsey Binder Autograph A-65   None
Twilight Zone Hall of Fame Cards   (1:100) H1 - H4 $20.00 None
SketchaFEX Cards ---   (1:480)     None
 --- Fortune Telling Machine SketchaFEX     None
 --- Kanamit SketchaFEX     None
Case-Topper George Takei Autograph A-51   None
Card Album A-65   None
Promo P1 $2.00 None
Dealer Sell Sheet   $2.00 None
Wrapper   $0.25 Yes

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Updated 05/11/2018