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"Supernatural Season Three Premium Trading Cards"


Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Inkworks 2008 $10.00 Yes

Type of Card

Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (6 per pack) 1 - 81 $0.15 All
"Hell on Earth" Foil Puzzle   (1:11) HE.1 - HE.9 $3.00 Some
"Hell on Earth" Mini-Press Sheet   (# to 199) $70.00 None
"Betrayed" Foil Die-Cut   (1:17) BT.1 - BT.6 $4.00 Some
"Out of Time" Foil   (1:23) OT.1 - OT.3 $5.00 Some
Autographs ---   (1:36)    
 --- Jared Padalecki A-18 None
 --- Lauren Cohan A-19 None
 --- Jim Beaver A-20 None
 --- Sterling K. Brown A-21 None
 --- Steven Williams A-22 None
 --- Sandra McCoy A-23 None
 --- Charles Malik Whitfield A-24 None
 --- Billy Drago A-25 None
 --- AJ Buckley A-26 None
 --- Travis Wester A-27 None
 --- Peter Macon A-28 None
Pieceworks Cards ---   (1:24)    
 --- Jensen Ackles' shirt PW-1 None
 --- Jared Padalecki's shirt PW-2 None
 --- Sterling K. Brown's shirt PW-3 None
 --- Jared Padalecki's shirt PW-4A None
 --- Jensen Ackles' jeans PW-4B None
 --- Jim Beaver's shirt PW-5 None
 --- Charles Malik Whitfield's FBI shirt PW-6 None
 --- Peter Macon's jeans / Caroline Chikezie's jeans PW-7 None
 --- Lauren Cohan's coat PW-8 None
 --- Katie Cassidy's jeans PW-9 None
 --- Sandra McCoy's dress PW-10 None
 --- Sasha Barrese's top PW-11 None
 --- Robert Curtis Brown's shirt PW-12 None
"Last Day" Puzzle Pieceworks    None
 --- Jared Padalecki's shirt PW-13A None
 --- Jensen Ackles' shirt PW-13B None
"Hellfire on Earth" Case Loader CL.1 $35.00 None
Dual Autograph 10-Case Incentive SD1   None
Collector's Album   $20.00 None
Promo P-1 $2.00 None
Promo   (web exclusive) P-i $5.00 None
Promo   (2008 Philly Show) P-PS $3.00 None
Promo   (UK distribution) P-UK $5.00 None
Dealer Sell Sheet   $2.00 Yes
Wrapper $0.25 Yes

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