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"The Complete Star Trek Voyager Trading Cards"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Rittenhouse Archives 2002 $10.00 No
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (9 per pack) 1 - 180 $0.10 None
Checklist   (1:10) C1 - C3 $1.00 None
Adventures in the Holodeck   (1:4) H1 - H9 $1.00 None
Formidable Foes   (1:8) F1 - F9 $2.00 All
Voyager Gallery Cels   (1:40) G1 - G9 $12.00 None
Autographs ---   (1:12) (see list below)    
 --- Manu Intiraymi Autograph A1   No
 --- Richard Herd Autograph A2   No
 --- Mark Harelik Autograph A3   No
 --- Kurtwood Smith Autograph A4   No
 --- Bruce McGill Autograph A5   No
 --- Rob Labelle Autograph A6   No
 --- Joseph Campanella Autograph A7   No
 --- John Savage Autograph A8   No
 --- Larry Drake Autograph A9   No
 --- Tom Wright Autograph A10   No
 --- Fintan McKeown Autograph A11   No
Captain Proton Signature Series (see list below)    
 --- Robert Duncan McNeil Autograph PA1   No
 --- Martin Rayner Autograph PA2   No
 --- Kate Mulgrew Autograph PA3   No
 --- Garrett Wang Autograph PA4   No
 --- Robert Picardo Autograph PA5   No
 --- Nicholas Worth Autograph PA6   No
 --- Jim Kestalude Autograph PA7   No
 --- Heidi Kramer Autograph PA8   No
 --- Alissa Kramer Autograph PA9   No
 --- Tarik Ergin Autograph PA10   No
 --- Kirsten Turner Autograph PA11   No
Double Signature Series (see list below)    
 --- Robert Duncan McNeil / Roxann Dawson DA1   No
 --- Ethan Phillips / Jennifer Lien DA2   No
 --- Tim Russ / Marva Hicks DA3   No
SketchaFEX   (1:165) 16 different   None
Costume   (1:480) CC1 - CC3   None
Case Topper Jeri Ryan Autograph CA1 $75.00 No
Card Album with Costume Card CC3     No
Promo P1 $2.00 Yes
Dealer Sell Sheet   $2.00 No
Wrapper   $0.25 No

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Updated 08/01/2018