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"Xena Warrior Princess:  Beauty & Brawn"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Ritterhouse Archives 2002 $8.00 No
Type of Card Number in Set Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (6 per pack) 1 - 72 $0.10 Most
Amazon Warriors   (1:4) AW1 - AW9 $0.50 None
Footsteps of a Warrior   (1:10) FW1 - FW9 $1.00 Some
Kevin Smith Tribute   (1:20) K1 - K9 $3.00 None
Xena Scrolls   (1:40) XS1 - XS9 $20.00 None
"Beauty" and "Brawn"   (1:480) BB1 - BB2 $40.00 None
Autograph--   (1:40)
 --Victoria Pratt Autograph A22 None
 --Melinda Clarke Autograph A23 None
 --Alison Bruce Autograph A24 None
 --Jeremy Callaghan Autograph A25 None
 --Josephine Davison Autograph A26 None
 --Darien Takle Autograph A27 None
 --Kate Elliot Autograph A28 None
 --Erik Thomson Autograph A29 None
 --Meg Foster Autograph A30 None
 --Tim Thomerson Autograph A31 None
 --Marie Matiko Autograph A32 None
 --Marie Matiko Autograph A32 None
 --Brittney Powell Autograph A33 None
 --Sheeri Rappaport Autograph A34 $10.00 Yes
Dual Autograph--   (1:480)
 --Lucy Lawless/Renee O'Connor DA1 None
 --Lucy Lawless/Renee O'Connor DA2 None
Costume Cards   (1:20)
  Single Costume--
   --Ares C1 None
   --Argo C2 None
   --Autolycus C3 None
   --Gabrielle C4 None
   --Callistro C5 None
   --Xena C6 None
   --Xena C7 None
   --Xena C8 None
   --Leah C9 None
   --Xena C10 None
   --Borias C11 None
   --Hades C12 None
   --Amarice C13 None
   --Lucifer C14 None
  Dual Costume--
   --Autoclycus DC1 None
   --Cyane DC2 None
   --Gabrielle DC3 None
   --Xena & Gabrielle DC4 None
   --Amarice DC5 None
   --Gabrielle & Aphrodite DC6 None
   --Gabrielle DC7 None
  Autograph Costume--
   --Alti AC1 None
   --Discord AC2 None
   --Callisto AC3 None
Promo P1 $1.00 None
Promo P2 $1.00 Yes
Promo P3 $5.00 None
Wrapper 1 $0.25 Yes

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Updated 09/27/2018