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"Xena Warrior Princess Season 6"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Ritterhouse Archives 2001 $12.00 No
Type of Card Number in Set Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (9 per pack) 1 - 72 $0.15 All
God of War   (1:4) GW1 - GW9 $1.00 Some
Busting Loose   (1:8) BL1 - BL9 $2.00 Some
Wet, Wicked & Wild   (1:20) WWW1 - WWW9 $4.00 Some
Forever Gabrielle   (1:480) G1 - G2 None
Aphrodite Costume   (1 of 1490) R3 None
Xena Costume   (1 of 275) R4 None
Xena Costume   (1 of 1210) R5 None
Xena   (in binder, 1 of 2000) R6 None
Alti Costume   (1 of 1125) R7 None
Boria Costume   (1 of 1175) R8 Yes
Callisto costume   (1 of 1575) R9 None
Eli Costume   (1 of 1575) R10 None
Caesar Costume   (1 of 1575) R11 None
Gabrielle Costume GC1 None
Autographs--   (1:40)
 --Hudson Leick Autograph A7 None
 --Adrienne Wilkinson Autograph A8 None
 --Kathryn Morris Autograph A9 None
 --Ted Raimi Autograph A10 None
 --Alexandra Tydings Autograph A11 None
 --Renee O'Connor Autograph A12 None
 --Michael Hurst Autograph A13 None
 --Lucy Lawless Autograph A14 None
 --Ebonie Smith Autograph A15 None
 --Paris Jefferson Autograph A16 None
 --Meighan Desmond Autograph A17 None
 --Jennifer Ward-Lealand Autograph A18 None
 --Danielle Cormack Autograph A19 None
 --Karl Urban Autograph A20 None
 --Willa O'Neil Autograph A21 None
 --Michael Hurst Autograph A22 None
Promo P1 $2.00 None
Promo P2 $2.00 Yes
Promo   (binder, 1 of 2000) 1 $4.00 None
Promo   (Gummie 2001) 1 $25.00 None
Wrapper 2 different $0.25 All

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Updated 02/15/2018