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"Hercules:  The Complete Journeys"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Ritterhouse Archives 2001 $12.00 No
Type of Card Number in Set Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common 1 - 120 $0.10 Most
Preview Set 1 $15.00 None
Mythical Beasts M1 - M9 $1.00 Most
Heavenly Bodies H1 - H9 $2.00 Some
HoloFex 1 - 6 $6.00 None
Xena Trilogy 1 - 3 $7.00 None
Kevin Sorbo Autograph A01 None
Sam Sorbo Autograph A02 None
Martin Kove Autograph A03 None
Cory Everson Autograph A04 None
Kevin Smith Autograph A05 None
Tawney Kitaen Autograph A06 None
Ian Bohen Autograph A07 None
Robert Trebor Autograpn A08 None
Liddy Holloway Autograph A09 None
Grant Bridger Autograpn A10 $15.00 Yes
Lisa Chappell Autograph A11 None
Josephine Davison Autograph A12 None
Joel Tobeck Autograph A13 None
Michael Hurst Autograph A14 None
Meighan Desmond Autograph A15 None
Gina Torres Autograph A16 None
Alexandra Tydings Autograph A17 None
Kerry Gallagher Autograph A18 None
Promo   (no number) 1 $1.00 Yes
Promo BP1 $4.00 None
Wrapper 1 $0.25 Yes

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Updated 10/30/2018