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New Back Issue Comic Books Added to Our Store

February 1st, 2019





All these series of comics had complete restocks (except 1st New Mutants - No #87 or #98)

Action & Super Hero  
Black Panther 3rd Series Published 1998-2003 Marvel Comics
Black Panther 4th Series Published 2005-2008 Marvel Comics
Black Panther 5th Series Published 2009-2010 Marvel Comics
Black Panther:  The Man Without Fear 6th Series Published 2011 Marvel Comics
Black Panther 7th Series Published 2016-present Marvel Comics
Further Adventures of Indiana Jones Published 1983-1986 Marvel Comics
G. I. Joe European Missions Published 1988-1989 Marvel Comics
G. I. Joe Special Missions Published 1986-1989 Marvel Comics
G. I. Joe - Tales of G. I. Joe Published 1988-1989 Marvel Comics
Innhumans - Inhuman 5th Series Published 2014-2015 Marvel Comics
Inhumans - Uncanny Inhumans 6th Series Published 2015-present Marvel Comics
Inhumans - All New Inhumans 7th Series Published 2016 Marvel Comics
New Mutants, The 1st Series Published 1983-1991 Marvel Comics
New Mutants 2nd Series Published 2003-2004 Marvel Comics
New Mutants, The 3rd Series Published 2009-2011 Marvel Comics

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Updated 02/01/2019