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"The New Avengers Definitive Trading Card Collection"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Strickly Ink 2006 $15.00 No
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (5 per pack) 1 - 72 $0.15 Most
Gold Foil   (1:6) F1 - F12 $3.00 Some
Autograph ---   (1:14) (see list below)    
--- Patrick Macnee Autograph N-A1   No
--- Joanna Lumley Autograph N-A2   No
--- Gareth Hunt Autograph N-A3   No
--- Caroline Munro Autograph N-A4   No
--- William Franklyn Autograph N-A5   No
--- Keith Barron Autograph N-A7   No
--- John Castle Autograph N-A8   No
--- Alun Armstrong Autograph N-A9   No
--- Brian Clemens Autograph N-A10   No
--- Laurie Johnson Autograph N-A11   No
--- Frank Thornton Autograph N-A12   No
Costume - John Steed's suit NEWAVI-C1   No
Sketch ---   (1:8) (see list below)    
--- Cynthia Cummens     No
--- Tom Hodges     No
--- Chris Mabbot     No
--- Rich Molinelli     No
--- Nick Neocleous     No
--- Amy Pronovost     No
--- Cat Staggs     No
--- Sarah Wilkinson     No
Sketch Redemption     No
Card Album with Promo PR3     No
Preview Set set of P1 - P9   No
Promo PRI $3.00 Yes
Promo PR1 $3.00 Yes
Promo PR2 $3.00 Yes
Promo   (Album Exclusive) PR3 $5.00 No
Promo   (Alien Entertainment Exclusive) NA/AL1 $3.00 No
Dealer Sell Sheet   $2.00 No
Wrapper   $0.25 No

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Updated 07/18/2018