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A NOTE ABOUT AVAILABILITY - We have given a page to any Non-Sport card series we have cards for (even if it's just one card).  Each row lists a type of card found in that series.  If under availability it says "No" or "None", then we have no cards from that category.  If is says "Some" then we have up to half the cards available.  If it says "Most" then we have over half but not all of the cards available.  If it says "All" or "Yes" then we have all of the cards of that category.  This is updated weekly as we buy or sell cards.

Please do not ask us to list the cards we have.  Instead, give us a list of what you need, and we will tell you which ones we have in stock that are on your list.  We're sorry, but due to the way our cards are stored, we cannot take telephone orders to look for specific cards that you may be interested in purchasing.  Please contact us at or fax your list to 330-745-0472 (afternoons EST only), and we will be more than happy to search our extensive selections to find the cards you are looking for!

A NOTE ON VERY SMALL ORDERS -  Sorry, but we request a minimum payment of $1.00 for any card order.  However, to avoid paying our normal shipping and handling charges on small orders of cards (starting at $2.00 to mail them via USPS), you can send a self-addressed envelope with 2 stamps along with your payment (continental US orders only).  We will place the cards in sleeves between 2 pieces of cardboard for protection.  But be warned that we are not responsible if the post office loses the order or mangles the envelope.  However, we have never had a loss or complaint in the 15 years we have been doing this (OK, one complaint, but we fixed the problem so it will never happen again, honest!).

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Animal Mystic Comic Images
Archie Comic Cards SkyBox International
Ash Trading Cards Dynamic Forces, Inc.
Avengelyne Wildstorm Productions
Avengelyne 2 Wildstorm Productions
Bone Comic Images
Bone Series 2 - All Chromium Comic Images
Bone - Dragonslayer Comic Images
Cast of Chaos! Krome Productions
Comic Greats '98 Comic Images
Comics FutureStars Majestic Entertainment, Inc.
Comics' Greatest World The Topps Company, Inc.
Creator's Alternate Universe Dynamic Entertainment
Creator's Edition, SkyBox Master Series SkyBox International
Creator's Universe, The Dynamic Entertainment
Cyberforce All Chromium The Topps Company, Inc.
Darkchylde Chromium Krome Productions
Deathmate:  The Card Collection The Upper Deck Company
Deathwatch 2,000 Classic Games Inc.
Double Impact Comic Images
DV8 Trading Cards Wildstorm Productions
Evil Ernie Krome Productions
Evil Ernie Series II:  Glow in the Dark Krome Productions
Evil Ernie Series III - Master of Annihilation Krome Productions
Future Stars Majestic Entertainment, Inc.
Gen 13 Chromium Cards Wildstorm Productions
Gen 13  (2nd series) Wildstorm Productions
Golden Age of Comics All-Chromium, The Comic Images
Image Universe Founders Series Topps
Images of Shadowhawk Image
John Byrne's Next Men Dark Horse Comics
Judge Dredd:  The Epics Edge Entertainment
Lady Death < None Available, Sold All Series! Krome Productions
Lady Death Pogs Krome Productions
Maxx, Sam Kieth's The The Topps Company Inc
Maxx, The  (2nd series) Wildstorm Productions
Melting Pot Comic Images
Phantom Gallery, The Intrepid
Plasm Zero Issue, Defiant Presents The River Group
Poison Elves Collector Cards Comic Images
Prophet Collection, The Fleer / SkyBox
Razor Series 1 Krome Productions
Razor:  Metal and Flesh Krome Productions
Red Sonja Premiere Dynamic Forces
Red Sonja - 35 Years of Red Sonja Dynamic Forces
Savage Dragon, Eric Larsen The Comic Images
Shadowhawk Comic Images
Sirius Gallery Comic Images
Spawn Wildstorm Productions
Spawn Chromium Cards Eclipse Enterprises
Spawn Spoqz Eclipse Enterprises
Strangers In Paradise Comic Images
Top Cow Showcase:  The Painted Cow Comic Images
Top Cow Universe Dynamic Forces
Tribe - The Intro Press Pass
Ultraverse SkyBox International
Ultraverse II SkyBox International
Ultraverse Edition, SkyBox Master Series SkyBox International
Unity Collector Cards Comic Images
Valiant Era, The The Upper Deck Company
Valiant Era II, The The Upper Deck Company
Vampirella < None Available, Sold All Series! The Topps Company, Inc.
Wetworks Wildstorm Productions
WildC.A.T.S., Jim Lee's The Topps Company, Inc.
WildC.A.T.S. '94 Wildstorm Productions
WildC.A.T.S., Jim Lee's Animated Wildstorm Productions
Wildstorm Wildstorm Productions
Wildstorm Set II Wildstorm Productions
Wildstorm Archives Wildstorm Productions
Wildstorm Archives II Wildstorm Productions
Wildstorm Gallery Wildstorm Productions
Wildstorm! Swimsuit Wildstorm Productions
Wizard Promo Cards Wizard Press
Youngblood Trading Cards Comic Images
Youngblood Trading Cards  (2nd series) SkyBox International

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Updated 07/27/2017