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"Doctor Who Companions-Doctors-Villains (Trilogy)"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Strictly Ink 2006 $15.00 No
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (10 per pack) 1 - 200 $0.20 None
Gold Foil "Annuals"   (1:6) F1 - F18 $6.00 Some
Autographs ---   (1:14) (see list below)    
--- Peter Davison Autograph DWT-A1   No
--- Lalla Ward Autograph DWT-A2 $12.00 Yes
--- Louise Jameson Autograph DWT-A3 $20.00 Yes
--- Nicola Bryant Autograph DWT-A4   No
--- Caroline John Autograph DWT-A5   No
--- Nicholas Courtney Autograph DWT-A6   No
--- Terrance Dicks Autograph DWT-A7   No
--- Julian Glover Autograph DWT-A8   No
--- Michael Elwyn Autograph DWT-A9 $8.00 Yes
--- Zienia Merton Autograph DWT-A10   No
--- Rodney Bewes Autograph DWT-A11   No
--- Michael Jayston Autograph DWT-A12   No
--- Alexei Sayle Autograph DWT-A13   No
--- David Troughton Autograph DWT-A14 $20.00 Yes
--- Walter Howarth Autograph DWT-A15   No
--- Terry Molloy Autograph DWT-A16   No
Costumes  --- (see list below)    
--- Frazer Hines' coat WHOT-C1   No
--- Sergeant Benton's uniform WHOT-C2   No
--- "The Caves of Androzani" uniform WHOT-C3   No
--- "Revenge of the Cybermen" vogan costume WHOT-C4   No
Sketch 13 different   None
Sketch Redemption     No
Case-Topper WHOT-BL1   No
Card Album with Foil Bonus B1     No
Preview Set set of P1 - P15   No
Promo B1   No
Promo   (Alien Entertainment) AE1   No
Promo   (U.K. Distribution) PR1   No
Promo   (U.K. Distribution) PR2   No
Promo   (online purchase) WEB1   No
Dealer Sell Sheet   $2.00 No
Wrapper   $0.25 Yes

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Updated 06/04/2020