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"Castle Trading Cards Seasons 3 & 4"


Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Cryptozoic Entertainment 2014 $10.00 No

Type of Card

Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (5 per pack) 01 - 72 $0.15 Some
Behind the Scenes   (1:12) B1 - B9 $4.00 None
Family Ties   (1:12) FT1 - FT9 $4.00 None
Caskett   (1:12) C1 - C9 $3.00 None
Autographs ---   (1:24)    
 ---  Nathan Fillion Autograph A01 None
 --- Molly C. Quinn Autograph A02 None
 --- Tamala Jones Autograph A03 None
 --- Seamus Dever Autograph A04 None
 --- Penny Johnson Jerald Autograph A05 None
 --- Adrian Pasdar Autograph A06 None
 --- Bruce Davison Autograph A07 None
 --- Lee Tergesen Autograph A08 None
 --- Tim Guinee Autograph A09 None
 --- Derek Webster Autograph A10 None
 --- Richard Burgi Autograph A11 None
 --- Teri Polo Autograph A12 None
 --- John Kapelos Autograph A13 None
 --- Brett Cullen Autograph A14 None
Wardrobe ---   (1:24)    
 ---  Richard Castle's Burgundy Shirt M01 None
 ---  Kate Beckett's Tan Coat M02 None
 ---  Martha Rodgers' Purple Dress M03 None
 ---  Capt. Roy Montgomery's Black Tie M04 None
 ---  Alexis Castle's Green/Black Top M05 None
 ---  Martha Rodgers' Purple Shiny Dress M06 None
 ---  Javier Esposito's Gray Overcoat M07 None
 ---  Richard Castle's Gray Overcoat M08 None
 ---  Kevin Ryan's Red Tie M09 None
 ---  Victoria Gates' Red Jacket M10 None
 ---  Richard Castle's Blue Shirt M11 None
 ---  Lanie Parish's Light/Dark Gray Jacket M12 None
 ---  Javier Esposito's Gray Jacket M13 None
 ---  Kevin Ryan's Blue Shirt M14 None
 ---  Kate Beckett's White Overcoat M15 None
 ---  Richard Castle's Black Jacket M16 None
 ---  Kate Beckett's Gray Turtleneck M17 None
 ---  Victoria Gates' Black Jacket M18 None
 ---  Lanie Parish's Pink Blouse M19 None
 ---  Victoria Gates' Red Blouse M20 None
 ---  Kevin Ryan's Gray Vest M21 None
Dual Wardrobe ---    
 ---  Roy Montgomery / Kate Beckett DM1 None
 ---  Javier Esposito / Kevin Ryan DM2 None
 ---  Alexis Castle / Martha Rodgers DM3 None
 ---  Kate Beckett / Lanie Parish DM4 None
Redemption R1 - R25 None
Promo   (DVD) P1 $35.00 None
Promo   (Philly Non-Sport Show) P2 $10.00 None
Promo   (Non-Sports Update) P3 $3.00 None
Wrapper $0.25 Yes

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Updated 02/02/2018