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"The Big Bang Theory Trading Cards Season 5"


Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Cryptozoic Entertainment 2013 $8.00 No

Type of Card

Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (5 per pack) 01 - 68 $0.20 Most
Quotables   (1:12) QTB-01 - QTB-09 $2.00 Some
Standee   (1:12) CS-01 - CS-07 $2.00 Some
Autograph ---   (1:24) (see list below)  
 --- Johnny Galecki Autograph A1 No
 --- Jim Parsons Autograph A2 No
 --- Simon Helberg Autograph A4 No
 --- Kunal Nayyar Autograph A5 No
 --- Mayim Bialikl Autograph A6 No
 --- Melissa Rauch Autograph A7 No
 --- Leonard Nemoy Autograph A8 No
 --- Becky O'Donohue Autograph A9 No
 --- Brent Spiner Autograph A10 No
 --- Casey Sander Autograph A11 No
 --- Joshua Malina Autograph A12 No
 --- Vernee Watson Autograph A13 No
 --- Kevin Sussman Autograph A14 No
 --- John Ross Bowie Autograph A15 No
 --- Christine Almeida Autograph A16 No
 --- Peter Onorati Autograph A17 No
 --- Katie LeClerc Autograph A18 No
 --- Lance Barber Autograph A19 No
 --- Laurie Metcalf Autograph A20 No
 --- Alice Amter Autograph A21 No
Authentic Wardrobe ---  (1:18) (see list below)  
 --- Sheldon's gray/red bathrobe M1 No
 --- Leonard's gray/yellow pants M2 No
 --- Penny's black slacks M3 No
 --- Raj's blue coat/red collar M4 No
 --- Howard's plum shirt M5 No
 --- Bernadette's white blouse M6 No
 --- Amy's pink/beige shirt M7 No
 --- Sheldon's brown shirt M8 No
 --- Leonard's blue jacket M9 No
 --- Raj's gray pants M10 No
 --- Howard's green/gray flannel shirt M11 No
 --- Penny's red shirt M12 No
 --- Bernadette's red pattern blouse M13 No
 --- Sheldon's gray shirt M14 No
 --- Leonard's grey jacket M15 No
 --- Amy's red/white flannel shirt M16 No
 --- Raj's orange/white shirt M17 No
 --- Howard's lavender shirt M18 No
 --- Bernadette's flowered shirt M19 No
 --- Amy's flowered blouse M20 No
 --- Sheldon's warden vest M21 No
 --- Leonard's green jacket lining M22 No
 --- Penny's lavender top M23 No
 --- Raj's orange/yellow striped shirt M24 No
 --- Howard's space suit M25 No
 --- Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)'s lab coat M26 $20.00 Yes
 --- Leonard's white dress shirt M27 No
 --- Howard's lilac shirt M28 No
 --- Penny's gray robe M29 No
 --- Raj's brown checked shirt M30 No
 --- Bernadette's red sweater M31 No
 --- Barry Kripke's M32 No
 --- Penny's lavender shirt M33 No
 --- Sheldon's orange shirt M34 No
 --- Leonard's gray/orange robe M35 No
 --- Amy's light blue knit M36 No
 --- Raj's flowered shirt M37 No
 --- Howard's gray/black striped shirt M38 No
 --- Penny's yellow shirt M39 No
Wardrobe Redemption R1 - R25 None
Collector Album with Wardrobe M39   No
Promo   (Non-Sport Update) P1 $2.00 Yes
Wrapper $0.25 Yes

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Updated 09/28/2018