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"The Avengers 50: Ultimate Trading Card Collection"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Unstoppable Cards 2012 $12.00 No
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (10 per pack) 1 - 72 $0.20 Most
Insert F1 - F9 $1.00 All
Autographs ---   (1:9) (see list below)    
--- Patrick Macnee Autograph AV1   No
--- Honor Blackman Autograph AV2   No
--- Diana Rigg Autograph AV3   No
--- Linda Thorson Autograph AV4   No
--- Anneke Wills Autograph AVAW   No
--- Brian Blessed Autograph AVBB   No
--- Bernard Cribbins Autograph AVBC   No
--- Brian Jackson Autograph AVBJ   No
--- Burt Kwouk Autograph AVBK   No
--- Fenella Fielding Autograph AVFF   No
--- George Innes Autograph AVGI   No
--- Ian Ogilvy Autograph AVIO   No
--- Julian Glover Autograph AVJG   No
--- Ron Noody Autograph AVRM   No
--- William Gaunt Autograph AVWG   No
Main Cast Duo Sketch/Autograph 19 different   None
Artist Sketch   (1:14) 68 different   None
Case Topper     No
Case Topper Gold Set set of CT1A - CT5A $50.00 None
Multi-Case Purchase Incentive Sketch 4 different   None
Online Raffle Cut Autograph     No
Puzzle   (loaded pack exclusive) PU1 - PU9   None
Entertainment Media Show Dealer Exclusive EMS1 - EMS7   None
Promo P1 $2.00 None
Promo P2 $2.00 None
Promo     No
Promo - blue back     No
Promo - green back     No
Promo - pink back     No
Promo - purple back     No
Avengers 50 / Night of the Living Dead Promo - gold logo   (Exclusive Web)   $5.00 No
Avengers 50 / Night of the Living Dead Promo - white logo   (Non-Sport Update)   $3.00 Yes
Sketchers Preview Set AVPR1 - AVPR5 $2.00 Most
Wrapper   $0.25 No

Printing Plate Card exist for the following card sets in this series ---

Common, Insert, Autograph, Case Topper Gold Set, Puzzle,

Sketchers Preview Set, both Avengers 50 / Living Dead Promos

(none are available at this time)

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Updated 07/18/2018