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"Arrow the Television Series Trading Cards Season 1"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Cryptozoic Entertainment 2015 $10.00 No
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (5 per pack) 01 - 95 $0.15 Most
Bronze Parallel Common 01 - 95 $2.00 Some
Gold Parallel Common 01 - 95 $7.00 #42 only
Character Bios   (1:12) CB01 - CB18 $2.00 Some
Bronze Parallel Character Bios   (1:12) CB01 - CB18 $4.00 None
Gold Parallel Character Bios   (1:12) CB01 - CB18 $8.00 None
Training   (1:12) TR1 - TR9 $1.00 Some
Bronze Parallel Training   (1:12) TR1 - TR9 $2.00 None
Gold Parallel Training   (1:12) TR1 - TR9 $3.00 None
Comic Book Covers   (1:12) CC1 - CC6 $2.00 Some
Chrome Parallel Comic Book Covers CCC1 - CCC6 $3.00 Some
Autograph Cards ---   (1:24) (see list below)    
 --- Katie Cassidy Autograph A2   No
 --- David Ramsey Autograph A3   No
 --- Willa Holland Autograph A4   No
 --- Susanna Thompson Autograph A5   No
 --- Paul Blackthorne Autograph A6   No
 --- Emily Bett Rickards Autograph A7   No
 --- Colin Donnell Autograph A8   No
 --- Manu Bennet Autograph A9   No
 --- Celina Jade Autograph A10   No
 --- John Barrowman Autograph A11a   No
 --- John Barrowman (Dark Archer) Autograph A11b   No
 --- Byron Mann Autograph A13   No
 --- Roger R. Cross Autograph A14   No
 --- Kelly Hu Autograph A15   No
 --- Christie Laing Autograph A16   No
 --- Chin Han Autograph A17   No
 --- Jessica De Gouw Autograph A18a   No
 --- Jessica De Gouw (China White)  Autograph A18b   No
 --- Alex Kingston Autograph A19   No
 --- Seth Gabel Autograph A20   No
 --- Michael Rowe Autograph A21   No
 --- Jarod Joseph Autograph A22   No
 --- Jeffrey C. Robinson Autograph A23   No
Wardrobe Cards ---   (1:24) (see list below)    
 --- Stephen Amell's gray v-neck M01   No
 --- Katie Cassidy's gray top M02   No
 --- David Ramsey's brown jacket M03   No
 --- Willa Holland's beige jacket M04   No
 --- Susanna Thompson's beige coat M05   No
 --- Stephen Amell's light blue shirt M06   No
 --- Jessica De Gouw's leather jacket M07   No
 --- Colin Salmon's gray suit M08   No
 --- Emily Bett Rickards' purple sweater M09   No
 --- Colton Haynes' gray sweatshirt M10   No
 --- Paul Blackthorne's brown jacket, firing M11   No
 --- Paul Blackthorne's brown jacket, firing M12   No
 --- Colin Donnell's dark gray checked shirt M13   No
 --- Susanna Thompson's red blouse M14   No
 --- Stephen Amell's green hood M15   No
 --- Colin Donnell's  black shirt M16   No
 --- Katie Cassidy's tan jacket M17   No
 --- Colton Haynes' red cape M18   No
 --- Michael Rowe's breatplate and clip M19   No
 --- Byron Mann's  ridged jacket M20   No
 --- Willa Holland's blue jacket M21   No
 --- John Barrowman's white striped shirt M22   No
 --- Seth Gabel's buttoned coat M23   No
 --- Roger Cross' light blue shirt M24   No
Dual Wardrobe Cards (see list below)    
 --- Stephen Amell / Emily Bett Rickards DM1   No
 --- Colton Haynes / Willa Holland DM2   No
 --- John Barrowman / Colin Donnell DM3   No
Card Album with Wardrobe Card M25     No
Promo P1 $6.00 No
Promo   (Non-Sport Update) P2 $10.00 No
Promo   (Non-Sport Update) CP1 $3.00 Yes
Wrapper $0.25 Yes

Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Printing Plate Cards

exist for the following card sets in this series ---

Common, Character Bios, Comic Book Covers, Autographs, Wardrobe, Dual Wardrobe

(none are available at this time)

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Updated 06/14/2018