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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Memories Premium Trading Cards"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Inkworks 2006 $10.00 No
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (7 per pack) 1 - 90 $0.40 Most
Reinforcements   (1:11) R1 - R9 $3.00 Some
Reinforcements Uncut Sheet   $70.00 None
Apocalypses   (1:17) AP1 - AP6 $4.00 None
Pieceworks ---   (1:18)  
 --- Buffy's Pants PW1 None
 --- Buffy's Sweater PW2 None
 --- Buffy's Leather Jacket PW3 None
 --- Anya's Dress PW4 None
 --- Giles' Shirt PW5 None
 --- Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg)'s pajama's PW6 $15.00 Yes
 --- Willow's Top PW7 None
 --- Tara (Amber Benson)'s sweater PW8 $40.00 Yes
 --- Principal Wood's Suit Pants PW9 None
 --- Xander (Nicholas Brendon)'s jeans PW10 $25.00 Yes
 --- Kennedy (Iyari Limon)'s pajama top PW11 $15.00 Yes
 --- Molly (Clara Bryant)'s pajama bottoms PW12 $15.00 Yes
 --- Vi's T-Shirt PW13 None
 --- Shadow Man's Tunic PW14 None
 --- Rona's Overalls PW15 None
 --- Andrew's Jacket PW16 None
 --- Andrew's Jacket (by redemption) PW16 None
Pieceworks Redemption PR1 None
"Potentials" Pieceworks PW17A None
"Potentials" Pieceworks PW17B None
InkPlates Printing Plate B1 - B90 None
InkPlates Printing Plate C1 - C90 None
InkPlates Printing Plate M1 - M90 None
InkPlates Printing Plate Y1 - Y90 None
"Three Slayers" Box Loader BL1 - BL3 $3.00 Most
"Legacy" Case Loader CL1 $35.00 None
Collector Album $20.00 None
Promo B-1 $2.00 None
Promo   (Non-Sport Update) B-2 $2.00 Yes
Promo   (web exclusive) B-i $3.00 None
Promo   (San Diego Con) B-SD2006 $2.00 None
Promo   (UK Distribution) B-UK $3.00 None
Dealer Sell Sheet $2.00 Yes
Wrapper $0.25 None

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Updated 06/07/2019