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"2009 Star Trek:  The Original Series Trading Cards"

Publisher Year Basic Set Price Set in Stock?
Ritterhouse Archives 2009 $10.00 No
Type of Card Card Number Price Per Card Cards in Stock?
Common   (5 per pack) 221 - 330 $0.15 Most
ST TOS in Motion Lenticular   (1:6) L1 - L18 $1.00 Some
Star Trek Portraits   (1:8) M46 - M63 $2.00 Some
Tribute   (1:12) T1 - T18 $3.00 Some
Autographs   ---   (1:8)
 --- Lisabeth Shatner Autograph A140 None
 --- Leslie Shatner Autograph A160 None
 --- Leslie Parrish Autograph A168 None
 --- Paul Baxley Autograph A191 None
 --- Paul Baxley Autograph A192 None
 --- Leonard Nimoy Autograph A193 None
 --- David Gerrold Autograph A194 None
 --- Rex Holman Autograph A195 None
 --- Skip Homeier Autograph A196 None
 --- Barbara Babcock Autograph A197 None
 --- Elinor Donahue Autograph A198 None
 --- William Shatner Autograph A199 None
 --- Hagan Beggs Autograph A201 None
 --- Sandra Smith Autograph A203 None
 --- Harry Landers Autograph A204 None
 --- William Wintersole Autograph A205 None
 --- Lee Meriwether Autograph A206 None
 --- Sabrina Scharf  Autograph A207 None
 --- Mariette Hartley Autograph A208 None
 --- Mark Robert Brown Autograph A209 None
 --- Carol Daniels Autograph A210 None
 --- Harry Basch Autograph A211 None
 --- Eddie Paskey Autograph A212 None
 --- Garland Lee Thompson Autograph A213 None
 --- John Winston Autograph A214 None
 --- William O'Connell Autograph A215 None
 --- William Sargent Autograph A216 None
 --- Janet MacLachlan Autograph A217 None
 --- David Frankham Autograph A218 None
 --- Roger Perry Autograph A219 None
 --- Kim Darby Autograph A220 None
 --- Marc Adams Autograph A221 None
 --- Venita Wolf Autograph A222 None
 --- Miko Mayama Autograph A223 None
 --- Shari Nims Autograph A224 None
 --- Susanne Wasson Autograph A225 None
 --- Tom Troupe Autograph A226 None
 --- Louie Elias Autograph A227 None
 --- Gary Combs Autograph A228 None
 --- Gary Combs Autograph A229 None
 --- Shirley Bonne Autograph A231 None
 --- Barbara Bouchet Autograph A232 None
 --- Lezlie Dalton Autograph A233 None
 --- Bob Bralver Autograph A234 None
 --- Phyllis Douglas Autograph A235 None
 --- Naomi Pollack Autograph A237 None
 --- Marlys Burdette Autograph A238 None
 --- William Smithers Autograph A241 None
Case Topper M7 $25.00 None
Case Topper M8 $25.00 None
3-Case Walter Koenig Autograph     None
6-Case William Shatner Autograph DA4 None
10-Case Archive Box   None
Card Binder     None
Promo P1 $2.00 None
Promo   (Non-Sport Update) P2 $2.00 Yes
Promo   (binder exclusive) P3 $8.00 None
Promo   (San Diego Comic Con) P4 $5.00 None
Wrapper   $0.25 Yes

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Updated 02/08/2018